Fulfillment & Logistics

Not just drop shipping.  We provide end-to-end optimization for your entire process.

Inventory Warehousing, Order Processing and Logistics

ROI Apparel Warehousing Dropshipping Logistics 3PL

Organize & Track​

We will arrange your inventory and prep it for rapid shipping. Our software seamlessly integrates with most platforms to give you live inventory at all times.

Apparel warehousing pick & Pack third party logistics


Store your inventory in our climate and moisture controlled warehouse. Products are assigned a location for storage and easy access when its ready to ship!

ROI warehousing apparel pick & pack 3PL logistics

Order Processing

Our system routes orders from your store to our shipping software. Allowing us to ship your orders and work seamlessly with other drop shipping providers.

outsourced apparel shipping ROI


We will pair your inventory to incoming orders and ship in the most cost effective way possible! On average, we ship all inventory orders in 1-2 business days.


Did you know?

On average, returning customers account for 40-50% of of an online stores yearly revenue. And first time customers who receive a shipping confirmation within 24 hours are 150% more likely to order a second time.
Direct to garment printing shipping ROI

Avoid the needless fees

Our flat rate shipping model provides a straight forward approach to warehousing your inventory.

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Our Warehousing & Fulfillment Facilities

We utilize the most advanced inventory and fulfillment technology available. Everything is shipped right from our climate controlled warehouse in Selma, N.C.

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